Take the Ignite 90 Restart Challenge!

We’re challenging everyone to restart Ignite 90 at the new year! Anyone can participate, no matter how long you’ve been a consultant or whether you've already completed Ignite 90. We’ll be awarding a special prize at convention for those who complete the Ignite 90 requirements between January 1st and March 31—the opportunity to have Italian sodas with the executive team at convention!


On January 1st we will re-set everyone’s Ignite 90 tracker and Path tracker so you can track your progress. Any information you have previously entered into the PATH will still be saved; however, you will need to complete and mark off all sections again in order to complete the PATH component of Ignite 90.

See the Ignite 90 page for the general Ignite 90 requirements, and below are the rules specific to the restart. Good luck on the Ignite 90 Restart Challenge!


  • The required number of parties must be held (with at least $200 in party sales) within the 90-day period. Any new Qs scheduled within the 90-day period will count toward the Q requirement.
  • You must qualify for the rank of Mentor during the 90-day period to earn the reward.
  • If you are a new consultant within your first 90 days of enrollment and wish to have your original 90-day period count to earn your Ignite 90 awards and the Italian soda prize (instead of the new period starting in January), please contact customer service and we’ll assist you.