Eden Allison

Your Independent Consultant

I have been drooling over the Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems for many years.  Then THRIVE foods were introduced.  I hesitated to buy any because I didn't know what they would taste like.  In September 2011, I went to my first tasting and fell in love with the amazing quality of the THRIVE foods.  And it wasn't just me, my 4 y/o also fell in love with the food and kept asking when I was going to make those same things.  It took until November 2011 for me to adjust our budget to begin our Q and we are loving it! 

I understand living on tight budgets and greatly appreciate The Q program to help us stay on budget and still build our food storage.  Just a few years ago, my husband was laid off from his job.  We were fortunate to have a basic food storage and a small emergency fund to sustain us through his unemployment.  Having had that experience, it is important to our family to be able to provide food, and wonderful that through THRIVE, it's healthy & delicious food, for our family in case we have to experience that again.

Living in the Midwest, having shelf stable foods is crucial as you never know when severe weather will cause a power outage - we've had tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and ice storms knock out power for extended times.  We had family who lost power for 3 weeks just a few years ago due to an ice storm so when we say extended time, we're talking extended!

My family also has some food allergies so we avoid food dyes and high fructose corn syrup as much as possible so I love having the freeze-dried foods that are simply that food in my pantry.

Living in the Midwest has also emphasized the need for 72 hr kits and other emergency supplies.  This is the area I need to learn the most about and improve my own family's preparedness.

All of these experiences encouraged me to make the decision to become a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant.  I'd love to help you be more prepared for the situations you may face!


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