Julie Buckner

Your Independent Consultant

I started out my business with Thrive Life for a couple reasons. First, I fell in love with the Q. The first time I heard about it a few months before becoming a consultant I knew it was genius. Food storage to my door? Yes, please! It took all the hassle, planning and the budget mystery out of how we could build our own home store. I knew I wanted to share this with everyone I knew. Second, I wanted to build my home store (food storage) for less. With host benefits and my commissions earned I am on my way to realizing that dream for my family of seven. Lastly, I wanted to help educate and share about preparedness and food storage. As a beginner myself I know there is so much information out there that sometimes it seems hard to start tackling this mountain. As I learn I want to share that and Thrive Life gives me that opportunity. I am so grateful to be a part of the Thrive Life family of consultants. It is blessing me and the lives of those around me in countless ways.

You can follow along with my journey on my blog: www.ourthrivelife.com You can also subscribe to my newsletter and customer list by filling out this form here.


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