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Crystal Haney

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Just Add Water...

I am a former US Navy helicopter pilot, mother of four, professional fitness competitor and age-group triathlete who likes to eat well, cook and lives on a boat. That pretty much sums up my life. So, why the title and webpage? the food, and it springs back to life! the baking supplies and make anything you could normally come to life! ...and you can take off sailing for days, weeks, or even months without a refrigerator! ...and you have my life.

Why Thrive Life?

I went to a hosted party because I felt I should go support the people throwing it. I did not intend to buy anything, nor did I intend to see anything worthwhile. Also, I am not a fan of sales pitches. Within the month, I am now urging you to try these products.

I couldn't stop snacking on the freeze dried fruits. My husband would have disowned me if I didn't order the Taco TVP (and I cook every day with fresh groceries, so this was amazing to me). The ability to pull vegetables out of a can, that is dry and has NO additives NOR preservatives, add water and watch them cook up like fresh was mind boggling. I am currently in the process of converting many of our staples over, and not just because of the live-aboard lifestyle. I want to eat the food too!

If you need anything or have any questions, please contact me. We can host a party anywhere and I can share this with you, your family and your friends.


P.S. If you start eating the yogurt bites, don't say I didn't warn you if you can't stop at one serving.