Kamay Flemens

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Hello! My name is Kamay Flemens. I homeschool my daughter, Zoey 13 and have one already grown and out on his own, Alex 20. I teach homesteading, survivalist and life skills right along with her regular core curriculum. I believe it is a lost art and necessary in these times. My  husband and I are amateur preppers that believe prepping should begin with a debt free, frugal, live within your means lifestyle. Also, I believe if you are going to 'talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.' Instead of just learning, we have begun our homesteading adventures by adding chickens, rabbits and a feeder pig to our small property. My daughter and I have also learned food preservation through water bath canning and dehydration. We expanded our yearly garden, and have started learning about foraging and herbal medicines as well.We are dedicated to homesteading, being self sufficient, and improving our DIY skills. I began my Thrive Life journey a few years ago. As a prepper, I love that Thrive Life is REAL, WHOLE food with a long shelf life. Not only that, I can use it in my daily meals and feel good about what I feed my family. We believe in prepping what we eat, and eating what we prep. Thanks for joining us on our journey! 


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