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I was not expecting the aroma of "freshness" the first time I opened a can of Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers.  Their taste and texture was out of this world.  The corn, peas, strawberries, blueberries, Fuji apples, etc... it was one heavenly delight.

Almost turning 70, I am all about living a healthy lifestyle.  Thrive Life is giving me the peace of mind I was looking for.  I now have clean and nutritious foods delivered right to my front door, with "Free" shipping and handling.

 With a 25 year life expectancy on the majority of their foods, I can store extra food to protect my family in case of any future emergency or catastrophe.

To top it off, the company wants to compensate me for sharing my passion for healthy food with my  family and friends.   

When I am sold on something, I want to shout it from the roof tops.  Goodbye Costco waste, and expensive fast food chains.  With "Simple Plate Meals" and fresh freeze dried Thrive Life in my pantry, I'm good to go... even for un-expected guests at dinner time.

My best years are ahead of me!!!