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Our story begins in our Pantry, where we would rush home after a 12 hour day.  Stuff food in the pantry, start trying to cook something that wouldn't take too long for dinner. And then be to worn out to eat it.  The Pantry was a mess, cans dating back to 2003, nothing organized. Cooking was time consuming and I would end up with half of what I needed to cook. 

And then, there it was the smiling face of Vickie and she had this shelf!  This shelf that rotated the cans!  And samples of MRE's, NO NO NO, NOT MRE's.  This was good! right out of the can!.  It was love at first taste........We couldn't stop talking about this food we had found.  

The more I learn about it, the more I want to share it!  

I know the first thing I thought is where am I going to get the extra cash for all this?  And this Q was full of questions, Yes it was the Question Q!.  But the truth is, I would simply take $100 a month of the $400 a week I was spending at HEB and start a 3 month Q.  That wouldn't cost me anything, just reallocate the money.  

Ok, so I got my first shipment.  Oh no now I have to relearn to cook! A week later I am back to my "little of this a little of that". Man you will have to work hard to mess this Thrive up.  The same dinner that was taking an hour to an hour and a half, was now taking only 20 minutes to prepare! Really!

I can't eat beef more than twice a week, it really messes with my system, but with all the experiments with the food, I suddenly realized I had eaten beef for a week and NO stomach problems. This is great lots of veggies and the meat isn't bothering me.  Weeks, months go by and I am just crazy about the Thrive Life foods, and then I stopped in my tracks.  When was the last time I was at HEB?  Twice in 12 or 14 weeks, really? Yes, I hadn't spent $300 or $400 in the store in Months.  Reallocate, no I am saving money, and I don't waste my time walking up and down aisles on cement floors with legs aching and arms full trying to find a cart, I didn't get when I came in.   

Benefits: it is healthier, it is great tasting, it is cost effective, and if you are an impluse buyer, you'll save money.  You'll save time, and you'll be prepared! This may be one of the best things I can do for someone, second only to sharing God with them.  And the whole time I am eating, I'm sharing 5% of everything I am spending, because Thrive Life gives 5% to helping others, with the formation of THRIVING NATION.  

There is so many reasons we are involved with Thrive Life.  It is Thriving! If you are looking for healthier choices?  extra income?  food storage? This may be the answer for you TOO!                                                                                                                                                                                      So it has been almost a year and a half..........I LOVE THRIVE!!!!!! Only been to the store 4 times and now THRIVE has a new Bakery line, which will save me some of those trips!!!!!     COME ON JOIN ME and LET'S THRIVE!    WOW I am approaching the begining of my 4th year!!!! going to the grocery store less and less one time this year to shop for groceries!!! Now I might run in for BBQ sauce or something I need for the event/tasting, but it is in and out NOW.. WOW Thrive Life has really changed my life! The only thing I wish is that I could reach more people and teach them how to THRIVE.       

Nov 2016! What a food and what a buisiness, but wait what a team I have to work with!  My Team is doing GREAT!  They are working the business or creating their own home store and doing such a good job at it. !!! They are reaching out and hitting some great goals.  Thank you Team for everything you do.

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