Get Ready for March Madness in 7 Simple Steps


Set a Goal
Set a goal to hit a personal best with individual or team sales in March! What is the dollar amount you need to reach? How many orders, calls, etc. will you need to make that happen? Commit now to do everything you can to make your goal happen! Also, utilize our March Specials, which features items already marked down to March Madness pricing!


Build Your Customer Base
Build your customer list, mailing list, and prospects now so you have more people to contact during March Madness. Platinum Executives, Jodi Moore and Julie Weiss, suggest the 4x100 challenge: hold 4 parties and add 100 people to your email list before March Madness!


Prep Your Social Media
75% of customers say they use social media when it comes to making a purchase. With our March Madness sale, it’s important to have social media content that will channel traffic back to your website. We have a number of shareable content specific to March Madness that can be used before, during, and after the big sale. Watch the tutorial to learn more.

This content is available on the March Madness 101 page, and is simple to use. Just click the social media channel you want to share the content on (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest), type a message, and post. Remember, social media is all about authenticity, and each post needs to have a message from YOU. Your customers know you and your personality, so be sure it shines when you write your message. Also, include your website URL on ALL posts. This allows customers to go directly to your website and purchase product.


Set up your Website
Your customers will get Party/Q price when they purchase during the sale, so make sure your website is set up and active. Click here to watch a tutorial on how to set up your website. 


Grow Your Team
March Madness is a great time to grow your team—just let customers who may be interested in becoming a consultant know that when they enroll, they can get commission on their own March Madness purchases! Between being their own customer and spreading the word about the sale to friends and family, they can make back the cost of their Starter Kit during the sale!


Make an Email Plan
Prepare your March Madness emails; many of the Advisory Board members suggest sending an email to customers on the 14th or 15th to let them know the sale is coming and give them the flyer. Then send an email on the 17th letting them know the sale has started, and one more on the last day of the sale to give them a last chance to order.

We’ll have March Madness emails designed and ready for you to send using the Email Promotion tool in My Office. We will also be sending corporate emails to subscribed Home Party customers that include links to their consultant's website; see our Email FAQ to learn more about our corporate newsletters.


Get Familiar with My Office
Make sure you understand how to set up your March Madness event, input orders and tie them to that event, input host benefit orders, and any other processes you’ll need to complete during the sale. You can find My Office tutorials in the Video Library under Training.