What to do During the Week of March Madness


Put your email plan in motion
Send out emails through our Email Promotion tool, put together your own emails, or make sure your customers have subscribed to the corporate mailing list so we can email them for you.


Use the flyer!
Send it in emails, print and mail it, or hand deliver it!


Get Orders Right Away
Encourage your customers to order as soon as "doors" open on Thursday, March 17th at 7am MDT. The longer they wait, the less chance there is that they’ll make a purchase.


Pick up the Phone
Call your core group of best customers (those who purchase regularly, have active Qs, etc.) and let them know which of their favorite products are on sale. Personal contact always returns better results than email!


Use Social Media
Be sure to post every day of the sale. Don’t assume that everyone on your newsfeed or timeline will see every post you do. On personal pages, only 60% of your friends see your posts, and it’s even lower on business pages, 1-2%. Be sure to be active throughout the length of the sale, but don’t over-post. Remember, people have a lot on their plate, but well-paced and inviting social media posts will help fill it with THRIVE! Watch the tutorial to learn more.


Use Your Hosts
Hosts who have parties scheduled near March Madness can use the sale to get even more benefits! Have them collect orders from their customers for the sale, and tie them to the party they’re holding close to the sale. You can also encourage referrals from customers by offering them host benefits if they refer someone to your website who makes a March Madness purchase.


Block out some time
Plan to spend time on your business during the sale. Do what you can ahead of time, but make sure you’re checking your email and are available by phone during the sale so you can help customers who need it.


Use our Product Launches
During the March Madness sale, we will be launching our brand new Express line! With brand new recipes, less sodium, and more product per package, it’s a great way to introduce newbies to how delicious a Thrive Life meal can be!

We will also be launching our Go-To Pack which features all the ingredients the average family need to whip up mealtime favorites! Exclusively available during March Madness, this item will go fast, so make sure your customers are the first to get their hands on it!