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I am a full-time EMT and my schedule runs 48 hours on/48 hours off. I also have a son that has a lot of food issues, so cooking a healthy meal for my family can be difficult. With THRIVE, I don't have to worry about the preservatives and food colorings he is allergic to, and I love that most THRIVE is non-GMO. I can use THRIVE in my everyday cooking and my whole family loves it. No peeling or chopping and it saves me time. I can prepare my meals in half the time. I love that I don't have food spoiling in the refrigerator--it comes right to my door! I don't have to take time out of an already busy schedule to go to the grocery store, and it is quick, easy, and convenient to use. THRIVE can change your life and give you more time with your family along with providing healthy, nutritious meals. THRIVE makes that possible for me and my family!

Michelle's Blog

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Body Scrub using Freeze Dried Fruit

August 15, 2016

FYI - You can make an amazing body scrub with freeze dried fruit? Your hands and feet will never be the same :) Ingredients: ½ cup Coconut oil 1 cup Cane Sugar (TL) 1 tbsp. Freeze dried blueberries (TL) 1 drop Blue food coloring (optional) 2 drops Lemon essential oil Directions: 1.  Crush the freeze dried blueberries by hand or in a food processor until the berries have... Read More…

September Specials

September 2, 2015

Play favorites with our September monthly specials! Customer favorites like sausage crumbles, scrambled egg mix, sweet corn, and mangoes will be on sale for the month of September! Who knew playing favorites could be so tasty? http://www.michellehuston.thrivelife.com/september-specials.html Read More…

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

April 26, 2015

3/4 c Thrive Peanut Flour 1 c Thrive Quick Oats 3/4 c Milled Flax Seed 2 T Chia Seeds 1/3 c Honey or Organic Brown Rice Syrup or combination of both 1 c Coconut, shredded, sweetened or unsweetened 1/2 c Cacao Nibs or Mini Dark Chocolate Chips 1 scoop Protein Powder or 2 T Thrive Nonfat Dry Milk 1/2 t Thrive Pure Vanilla Powder Water Combine all... Read More…

April Specials

April 7, 2015

    Get baking with our April specials! We're launching new and improved products, and you'll save on some of our other bakery favorites.                 Peanut Flour  |  $15.09   | #21250  Peanut Flour is healthy and versatile: add sugar, salt,... Read More…

March Specials - Family Favorites

March 9, 2015

THRIVE is healthy, tasty, and convenient for making meals with kids! Save this month on some of our family favorites.                             FAMILY FAVORITES PACK  #25276 $85.22  $67.29 Pantry cans only. Available through... Read More…

Cake in a Jar by Chef Todd Leonard CEC

March 9, 2015

Description: Bake this cake in small jars so everyone gets their own personal cake in a jar! Ingredients: Cake 1/2 c. Butter, softened 1 c. THRIVE Cane Sugar 3 tbsp. THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix 3 tbsp. THRIVE Instant Milk 3/4 c. Water 2 tsp. THRIVE Pure Vanilla Powder - Spice Can 1 c. THRIVE White Flour (All Purpose... Read More…

October Specials

October 10, 2013

      It's that time of year again, the winter frost is just around the corner, and nothing's better on a chilly fall day than a warm bowl of soup. It is time to stock your pantry shelves with the very best of your garden harvest. That way, no matter what winter brings, you will be prepared for even the harshest of storms. At Thrive Life, we know all... Read More…

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