Michelle Huston

Your Independent Consultant

I am a full-time EMT and my schedule runs 48 hours on/48 hours off. I also have a son that has a lot of food issues, so cooking a healthy meal for my family can be difficult. With THRIVE, I don't have to worry about the preservatives and food colorings he is allergic to, and I love that most THRIVE is non-GMO. I can use THRIVE in my everyday cooking and my whole family loves it. No peeling or chopping and it saves me time. I can prepare my meals in half the time. I love that I don't have food spoiling in the refrigerator--it comes right to my door! I don't have to take time out of an already busy schedule to go to the grocery store, and it is quick, easy, and convenient to use. THRIVE can change your life and give you more time with your family along with providing healthy, nutritious meals. THRIVE makes that possible for me and my family!

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April Specials

April 7, 2015



Get baking with our April specials! We're launching new and improved products, and you'll save on some of our other bakery favorites.

New! Peanut Flour | only $15.09









Peanut Flour  $15.09   | #21250 
Peanut Flour is healthy and versatile: add sugar, salt, and oil for peanut butter just the way you like it, or sprinkle the flour into smoothies, cookies, and more for a burst of flavor!

100% lightly roasted Grade A peanuts Non-GMO, with no MSG No artificial colors or flabors Naturally processed No hydrogenated oils
New & Improved Bakery Items
We’ve also improved our dessert and pancake mixes and brought them into our bakery line! These updated mixes taste better than ever, and now they have the same great benefits as the rest of the bakery line.
Non-GMO No artificial colors or flavors No hydrogenated oils Exclusive in-house blends Macaroon Cookie Mix is now gluten-free!

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