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Shelf Reliance is now Thrive Life! 


New Name, Same Passion

When Shelf Reliance started in 2004, it was founded upon principles of self-reliance and the invention of the Food Rotation System. But as we’ve grown over the years, our vision has expanded. Our passion has evolved into helping our consultants and customers create thriving lives around the world, and doing that means much more than fostering self reliance. It means helping others to build a Home Store and become more financially secure. It also means building and strengthening relationships with others, developing as people and leaders, and giving back to the community.

Eight years after the founding of Shelf Reliance—and with over 100 employees and thousands of consultants—we are a much different company than we had originally envisioned, but our underlying passion for improving lives has never changed. Our new name is more than just a better representation of the company we’ve become—it is the foundation of our future, and a renewed commitment to help others become self-reliant and develop every aspect of a thriving life. 

Thank you for growing with us!

Steve Palmer and Jason Budge
Thrive Life Founders
Please see the renaming FAQ for information about the transition process to the new name.

Thrive Life Vision

Our vision is to help people create thriving lives around the world.

The Elements of a Thriving Life

  1. Building a Home Store
  2. Becoming Financially Secure
  3. Creating Lasting Relationships
  4. Developing Personally and as a Leader
  5. Sharing with Others