Lee Keil

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After years at home raising my family, I'm now an "empty nester" with two "twenty somethings". Even though my children are out of the house, they are always in my heart and their futures are really important to me.  With the world as crazy as it is today, like everyone else I want to do whatever I can to ensure a safe prosperous life for my loved ones. 

As I sought to redefine this new stage in my life, I researched opportunities for a new career. I happened upon Thrive Life  seemingly by "accident" (but I now think it was much more than that.)  I have found a company and product I can truly believe in and use regularly and it makes my life so much easier when trying to juggle a very heavy schedule of responsibilities and time commitments! The emergency preparedness products have gone a long way to make me feel that our future will be secure and helping others to feel that same sense of relief and freedom is my mission.

There are many choices for "home party" businesses out there but few are as practical and useable. While not everyone needs candles or scrapbooking materials, everyone needs food and safety!  I couldn't have found a better company, product, or way of earning extra money than Thrive Life.  Join me at one of my cooking demonstrations, host a party, order from this webpage or become one of my team and I'm convinced you will become a believer too!

Lee Keil


Great Products

THRIVE foods are convenient, healthy, and cost effective. They'll change the way you think about mealtime.

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A Tasting Party

Get free products when you gather friends and family to try THRIVE. Also learn how to save time and money!

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My Team

Make friends, grow, and earn income on your own terms as a Thrive Life independent consultant.

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