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Your Independent Consultant

Hi my name is Troy, an independent consultant for Shelf Reliance in
the Washington, DC Metro area.  I can't wait to share our delicious
Freeze Dried Food Products, and help you save 10-40% off Shelf
Reliance's already competitively priced products. 

As an independent Consultant, Shelf Reliance allows me to market our
products at the best prices.  I am happy to provide you personal attention and share my experiences to help you and your family best prepare for whatever this world might throw
at you.  Please send me an e-mail today at to get

I started marketing Shelf Reliance products because I  wanted 
to keep my friends and family well prepared for any situation
and Shelf Reliance's wide range of emergency products and great
tasting premium Freeze dried food makes it easy to educate my customers
as the food almost sells itself. 
As a 6 year veteran of the United States Navy, I always wanted
to make sure that my family was well prepared in case events
took a turn for the worse.  From Norfolk, Virgina to Yokosuka,
Japan, I did my best to make sure my family and my sailors
were well prepared.  While I am no longer serving my country, Shelf
Reliance allows me to help serve my community by raising people's
awareness and helping them to not just survive but to THRIVE.

We never know what lies ahead but with Thrive Products in my
Home Store, I have confidence that my Family, Friends and great
customer will be ready today and tomorrow.  Why not let me help

Whether you have questions about Shelf Reliance Products or are
just interested in an assessment of your emergency kit and family
plan please give me a call or send a quick e-mail to help you get
started.  Maybe you would like to host a party with your friends,
getting to taste how good the food is while earning free product
or perhaps you are interested in joining the Shelf Reliance team
and becoming a consultant yourself? 

While home preparedness can seem like a daunting task,
Shelf Reliance provides a number of opportunities to help get started
today on any budget.  I look forward to helping you, your friends
and family become more self-reliant, prosperous and charitable.

Best of Luck and God Bless,



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