New Orders FAQ

1. How do I redeem host benefits with the new order system?
Host benefits can now be combined with your party order, and can also be combined from multiple parties into the same order. Just close each of the parties that you are ready to redeem benefits for, and place a new order. Once you are in the order, click “Use Benefits” to start applying your benefits to your items.

2. Why do I have to close my party before placing my host benefit order?
Because you can now claim benefits for multiple parties in a single order, you must close any party that you would like to redeem benefits for before those benefits will be available for use. Only close your party once you are sure that all orders have been placed and tied to this party. The host will be able to claim benefits for all closed parties at once.

3. What if my host wants to place an order and receive benefits for it?
Hosts can place orders for their own party and receive benefits. However, at least one order must first be tied to the party before it is closed. In order to be eligible for benefits, a party must have at least one order tied to it.

4. How can my host redeem their Double dip?
Double Dips automatically transfer to a host's party once they book their own party from the original party. However, in order for a Double Dip to be redeemed, at least one order by someone other than the host must be tied to the host's party.

5. I am trying to place my host benefit order. Why can’t I select my party?
Now that you are able to claim benefits for multiple parties in one single order, you do not need to select a party in the first step. Your available benefits will be automatically loaded into the shopping cart for you!

6. How can I see which parties are giving me benefits?
You can click “Benefit Details” to display all closed parties hosted by the customer selected in Step 1, as long as they have available free or half-off credit.

7. How long do I have to redeem my benefits?
You still have 90 days from the start date of your party to redeem your benefits. You can “close” your party at any time in the “Events” page. This will make those benefits eligible to be redeemed in an order, but the order must still be placed within those 90 days.

8. Do I have to claim all of my benefits at once? Will I lose any unused benefits when I place my order?
You do not have to claim them all at once. You can claim any portion of your available benefits, and the rest will roll over until you place your next order. This applies up until the expiration date of those benefits (90 days from the start date of your party).

9. Can I add the same product and size to both free and half-off?
Yes. You can select specific benefits for each line item. For example, you can have Cauliflower #10 as a free item, and have Cauliflower #10 as a half-off item in the same order.

10. Can consultants receive commission on extra items?
Yes, consultants can select which benefits are applied to which items. If you do not want any benefits applied to your items, simply select “none” and place the order. These items will be added back into the available benefits on your order. If you have an extra item, it will be charged at party price, and you will earn an extra 10% in free product that can be used on this order.

11. Will I receive commission on my extra items?
Yes, any items that did not use a free or half-off credit will be commissionable.

12. Can you claim benefits for multiple parties and multiple hosts in the same order?
No, you can only select one customer at the beginning of the order. All closed parties that were hosted by that customer will display, with the available benefits in the shopping cart.

13. How do Party Supply Benefits work?
Party Supply Benefits are a line item in the “Available Benefits” box. When you close any party that has at least $500 in one-time orders and new Q’s x 3 (excluding double dips), you as a consultant are eligible for Party Supply Benefits. Parties between $500-$999 receive $50 in half-off product, and parties over $1,000 receive $100 in half-off product. As was the original intent, parties cannot be combined to receive benefits. You can find these in your consultant customer account when placing orders in the back office.