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Organic Spelt

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Organic Spelt Organic Spelt
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Organic Spelt from THRIVE

Why Thrive Organic Spelt Is The Best
Made with Organic Spelt
Hearty Vegetable Spelt Soup

THRIVE Spelt is a whole grain that is USDA-certified organic and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Spelt can be boiled and eaten as a side dish or ground into flour for delicious and unique homemade bread. You can also try tossing cooked spelt into salads and cold pasta for a flavor filled crunch.

  •  NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredients
  •  NO artificial colors or flavors

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Closed: 30 Years*
*Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.


Serving Size:

Family Size (#10): 46 servings
Pantry Can: 15 servings
Pouch: No servings


Organic Spelt

All products are processed in facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat and tree nut products.

Country of origin: United States

Prep Instructions

Bring 1 cup Spelt to a boil with 3 cups water and 1/4 tsp. salt. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 50-60 minutes. Drain remaining water.


Tips and More

  • Spelt is an ancient grain related to wheat, and it can be used the same way, either ground into flour or cooked and added whole to breads, soups, and salads.


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