Pamela Johnson

Your Independent Consultant

Welcome to Pam's Dog Academy, LLC Thrive Life Page!

I am a wife, dog mom, full time Physical Education Teacher and part time Dog Training Buisness Owner!  I lead a very busy but super rewarding life.  I use Thrive Life to make my own homemade dog food, dog treats and use with my dogs and client dogs as training rewards.  The food is healthy, easy to store and has a long shelf life.  The best part about Thrive Life is that everything is already cut perfectly, which means I do not have to spend all my free time chopping, bagging, and freezing meat and cheese for dog training.  My time is valuable!  I am thrilled to have found Thrive Life.  We (husband, dogs, and myself)  LOVE the product!  I am 100% sure you will love it, too!

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