Pantry Organizer Straps (25-pack)

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Pantry Organizer Straps (25-pack) Pantry Organizer Straps (25-pack)
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Pantry Organizer Straps (25-pack)
1.5 oz
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Ready to customize your pantry organizer? Use the large strap to adjust each row to fit a variety of cans. The straps hold all your can tracks tightly in place, allowing you to space your tracks according to the specific size cans you have.

  • 25 large straps included
  • Straps needed for pantry cans: 3 per track section, 15 per row
  • Straps needed for family size cans: 5 per track section, 20 per row
  • Straps needed for variety cans: 3 per track section, 21 per row
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