Pantry Organizer Tracks (Black)

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Pantry Organizer Tracks (Black) Pantry Organizer Tracks (Black)
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Small 18" Black Can Track
Small 24" Black Can Track
Medium 18" Black Can Track
Medium 24" Black Can Track
Large 24" Black Can Track
Ready to customize your pantry organizer? Adjust each row to fit the cans you have with additional tracks. You will need one track on either side of your cans. So if you would like to add one section of cans to your row, you will need one additional track.

Large track
  • 24” depth can fit 7 family size (#10) cans

    Medium track
  • 24” depth can fit 11 pantry cans
  • 18” depth can fit 7 pantry cans
  • The medium track can hold a variety of cans ranging from pantry cans to small soup cans

  • Small track
  • 24” depth can fit 15 soup cans
  • The small track can hold a variety of soup can sizes
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