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Hi everone, My name is Linda Parshall. I have been looking for quite sometime for something I could do to add to our income and still take care of the grandkids,who live with us.  I have multi food allergies, and am highly reactive to chemicals in prepared foods.

Two years ago I weighted in at 240lbs and 5ft 5inches, was dignosed diabetic with blood sugars 298 fasting. Have advanced degenerative bone disease in my spine. With zero pounds lift limit. and I'm 63.

I tell this story because I want you to get a feel for my dilemma ,who would hire me and what could I do?

I have always had a strong beleif in our loving God. So prayed daily "Please show me how I can earn $10,000 monthly in residule income. It was to be a NEEDED, high quality product., and with in my phycal limitations."

WELL...WOW...my wonderful hubby Harry, found just what we had been praying for.... THRIVE LIFE( freeze dried foods.) This stuff is amazing: unopened will keep it's high nutritional value for 25years, opened it will last about a year(,some meats less because of the kind of fats in the meat).

As a consultant I earn FREE food. Food (picked at the heigth of ripeness) and freeze dried the same day, locking  in the highest nutritional value and taste... better than the "fresh" you buy from your local market. There are many ways to earn free food...,become financially stable ...... help your families  and friends eat better foods too. This a win win win for everyone that eats food:adults,kids,babies,elderly and special needs all can benefit from great food.

Some of you might think you have tried freeze dried foods before, backpacking,hunting,survival packs...well I am here to tell you ...you are missing out on really amazing foods that you can customize to your tastes and dietary needs. GMO FREE,GULTIN FREE,ANTIBIOTIC,STEROID FREE. 25 year shelf life unopened, about a year after opened. Food you can use every day,saving you about $150.00/4people every month on your food budget.

What i really like is not throwing out rotten, unusable food, that went bad before i could cook it.And not having to go to the grocery store several times a week

Think about foods that you waste your hard earned moneys on: we love asparagus,but you throw away half of it in the cooking preparation stage ( you have paid by the pound, and have to throw away the woody ends),bananas:you pay by the pound but throw away the peels,mushrooms that go slimmy before you can use them all, celery that goes limp.  No more freezer burned foods to throw out,... You get the idea ...25% of your food budget is wasted every month. WOW

With Trive Life there is NO wastage(use only what you need),You go to your own pantry for your groceries,using the most nutritional foods available on earth, and saving on your  food and gas budgets too..

Sounds great? Interrested in improving your and your famities life? Have freinds who eat?

call me at 541 679-2827 or email:. hp@smalleffects.net today and we can begin this jurney to better health and all the opportunities available here at Thrive Life. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon, Sincerely; Linda

5416792827 Linda, 5416700625 Harry
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