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To enroll, contact this consultant or call Thrive Life directly to purchase a starter kit. You will also need to set up a personal Q of at least $50 to receive monthly commissions (your kit counts for the $50 requirement for your first month). Thrive Life offers several starter kit options, each of which includes the product samples, catalogs, marketing materials, and professional business supplies you'll need to hold successful parties.

  • The Social Seller Kit is just $129 and is great for those who just want to dabble. If you're just looking to tell some friends and family about the products, or get rebates on your personal purchases, this is your kit!
  • The Business Builder Kit is $259 and is perfect for those who want to start thriving immediately, and who love a great deal. It's full of enough great THRIVE products and materials for your first few parties.
  • The Business Builder Plus Kit includes all the items in the Business Builder, plus an FRS, for only $439. If you’re ever going to get a Harvest, do it with this kit! It's the best way to start your Home Store.

See the Starter Kit page for a complete list of contents and prices for all starter kits--we also have gluten-free options!

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