Consultant & Tasting Website FAQ

How do I update my Consultant website?
To change to a new template, go to the My Website page in My Office and in the Template drop-down menu, select any of the “Modern” templates and click Update.

What does the "Not Your Consultant" link on the drop-down menu do?
This link displays a message explaining whose site you are shopping on and allowing you to choose between consultants if you are shopping on a site different than the consultant you are tied to.

What pages of the website does the colored bar appear on?
The colored bar appears on all shopping pages of the website.

Can customers book tastings, contact me, and register as a Consultant from my Consultant website?
Yes. Customers on your site can fill out a form to book a party, contact you, or register as a consultant through your site.

How do I link my social media platforms to the profile on my website?
Your social media platforms can be linked from the My Website page in My Office. Type in your usernames on this page under Social Media Usernames. Your "username" is what appears in the URL bar after,, or when you're on your account page in that platform.

How do I add or change the image that displays on the profile on my website?
To add or edit your image, go to the Profile Picture page in My Office and upload a picture.

How do I add or edit the story that displays on the profile on my website?
To add or edit the story that displays in the profile box on your homepage, go to the My Story tab of the My Website page in My Office and enter your story.

Linking to Your Consultant Website

How do I send a link to a page on my consultant website?
When sending a link to your consultant website, simply add your personal URL before For example, if you would like to link to the shop page (, you would insert your URL into the link as follows: It is not necessary to include www in the link.

How do I send a link to a page on my consultant website for a certain region (Canada, Alaska, etc.)?
If you are a consultant in a region outside the US and would like to send your customers to your consultant website for that specific region, simply include the region after your personal URL.

Region Examples:
US-Contiguous -
Canada -
Alaska -
Puerto Rico -

Why do I get an error message when I use the link
In order for a site to have a secure SSL certificate (which is what the "s" in https represents), it may have only one sub domain before the main domain ( Your personal URL is a sub domain, and because the www is also considered a sub domain, if you use both the https and the www, there will be too many sub domains and you will get a security error. To avoid this error, simply leave out the www, which is not necessary as party of the link. The https is also not required as part of the link. The only page that requires a secure SSL certificate is the checkout page on your website, and visitors will be transferred to a secure page when they enter the checkout process, so including the https is unnecessary on all other links.

Because adding the region to your consultant URL adds another sub domain, links to other regions may not include the www OR the https, or they will have too many subdomains and receive the same error message. Links to other regions should simply use or

Now that there's a Tasting site do I still need a Consultant website?
Yes. You will still have customers who would like to place an order who are not associated with a specific party. When this happens, you will need to give them your consultant website so their order will be tied to you.