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Peggy & Phil White

Your Independent Consultant

We have been searching for a way to help family, friends and people to be healthier and live a life of happiness rather than one linked with physical ailments, disease and fear.   We were introduced to Thrive Life by a very good friend and what we had been looking for was dropped right into our laps.   We finally have a way to do what we want and need to do not only for friends, family and others, but for our own immediate family.

We understand the need of having a food storage for emergencies, which we have been stocking up on, however, we really were not eating from our storage.   Since being introduced to Thrive Life foods we are now eating from our storage and guess what has happened?   We are feeling much better and have more energy to do daily things that need to be done.   So now we eat what we store and store what we eat.   We are in process of filling our water supply for emergencies too.    We are also storing other emergency supplies that will get us through our next calamaties.

Now we are able to help others by teaching them what Thrive Life has to offer for them and their loved ones to be prepared.   They too can and will enjoy the health benefits of eating healthier.    They too can have peace of mind in knowing they will be much better prepared for what is yet to come.

You too can enjoy these benefits.   We look forward to having you in our team.

"There is NO downside to being prepared."