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Throw a Power Party in your area and earn corporate boosters to help cook up the Thrive Sizzle in your home town!


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What’s a Power Party?

Packed with inspiration, education, and fun, you or another leader in your area will demonstrate a party in which any consultant, customer, or guest in that area can attend. In addition, the leaders will train on new tools, products and methods to be more effective in the business.

  • Different from a tasting event (home party) - Power Parties are focused on training
  • Anyone can come! Power Parties are open to anyone who would like to attend
  • Corporate provides a Power Party outline and Power Point to help you structure your meeting for the biggest impact
  • Corporate promotes the event through the corporate website and email campaigns
  • Power Parties last 2-3 hours and provide an opportunity for bonding, networking, and motivation
  • Power Parties are run by consultants, but corporate boosters will be provided by meeting specific criteria

How Do I Get Corporate Boosters?


Financial Compensation Booster

Qualify for financial compensation by meeting the following criteria:

  • Approval of the Corporate Sponsored Power Party before it takes place
  • If approved, you must send us the date, location, and time one month in advance
  • Must send picture of group along with attendee list and contact information
  • 20+ adult attendees = $200 added to commission to help cover costs
  • 30+ adult attendees = $300 added to commission to help cover costs
  • 40+ adult attendees = $400 added to commission to help cover costs

Executive Attendance

Corporate Executives may attend some of these events to help with training and motivation depending on projected attendance and timing.

75+ attendees projected in order to be considered.

Party Materials

Guest Signup Sheet