Thrive Life Regional Events
April - May 201
Thriving with Friends

Together We Can Change the
Future of Food

Come to one of our Power Up events! Thrive Life executives are coming to cities all over North America to give you a sneak peek at our 2015 It Is Time convention. You'll learn how we're changing the entire food industry with THRIVE, and that's just the beginning. Bring your friends and come meet members of the executive team, get training from local leaders, network with consultants in your area, and learn how we can work together to change the meaning of mealtime.

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Get an extra raffle ticket for convention drawings just for coming!

Bring Friends

You’ll get one of our newest THRIVE products when you bring 5 or more people with you!


You'll get the first month of A Taste of THRIVE for FREE when you enroll at an event!


Who will be there?

Steve Palmer

Steve’s leadership, business savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit have turned the vision he and Jason had of helping people across the world become self-reliant into one of the fastest growing companies in Utah and the nation.  With Steve’s vision and passion for success, Thrive Life continues to grow exponentially and reach new levels of success.
Will Attend American Fork, St. George, and Las Vegas

Jason Budge

From helping create the first garage-built prototypes of the Food Rotation System years ago to adding to the extensive line of THRIVE foods Thrive Life boasts today, Jason has proven his passion for innovation and problem solving.
Will Attend Sacramento, Kansas City, Springfield, and Dallas

Jason Norton
Executive Vice President

Jason’s years of experience in direct sales and international markets have been instrumental in creating and developing the unique Home Party program at Thrive Life and expanding it on an international scale. His passion for helping consultants to grow and be successful has helped Thrive Life become the company it is today.
Will Attend Phoenix, Denver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane, Ann Arbor, and Idaho Falls

Eric Morgan
Director of Marketing

Eric brings his extensive background in strategic marketing and creative direction to Thrive Life as the Director of Marketing. His creativity and innovative ideas have brought a fresh new look to Thrive Life conventions, regional meetings, trainings, and more.
Will Attend Albuquerque, American Fork, Logan, Portland, Charlotte, Ontario, and Fairfax