Q Upgrade FAQ


Why is my Q being upgraded?
We launched an updated version of the Q, called the Home Store Q, in 2013 that included new features and an improved user experience. Because we will be releasing all future updates and improvements solely on the Home Store Q and do not offer support for the previous version of the Q (the Food Storage Q), we are updating all customers to the newer Home Store Q.


Will I have to do anything on my end in regards to the upgrade?
No. If you are currently on the older Food Storage Q, your Q will be automatically be upgraded along with all of your desired products, specified budget, shipping information, and payment information. All shipments that were saved on your previous Q will be moved to your upgraded Q, and you will continue to receive them on the dates they were scheduled for.


When will my Q be upgraded?
Qs will be upgraded in groups starting at the end of May, and all Qs will be upgraded by the end of June. A few days before your Q is due to be upgraded, you will receive an email letting you know your Q is about to be upgraded.  


What is the difference between the Food Storage Q and the Home Store Q?
The Food Storage Q was primarily focused on building food storage. It allowed you put a finite amount of products in your Q and would ship those items to you in monthly shipments.  The Home Store Q still allows you to track your food i fyour primary focus is food storage, but it also helps you cook with THRIVE by allowing you to add the foods and recipes your family uses the most.  The Home Store Q doesn’t have a set number of items, so you simply add your favorite products and continue to receive those items each month in customizable shipments!


What are the benefits of the Home Store Q?
The Home Store Q makes it easier than ever to manage your Q. The simple 3-panel design allows you to quickly and easily add items, review your Q, and customize your shipments all from one page. You can also add Food Rotation Systems and emergency items to your shipments on the Home Store Q, which is not an available feature on the Food Storage Q.


Will I still get the items I selected in my Food Storage Q?
Any shipments currently in your Food Storage Q will be transferred to your Home Store Q. Any remaining items that were not scheduled in shipments will be transferred and grouped into shipments based on your set budget amount. You may review your remaining shipments on the Shipments panel of the Home Store Q. You may customize these shipments at any time (see Shipments tutorial).


What will I receive once my original shipments are complete?
Once you have received all remaining products from your Food Storage Q, your Q will be populated with our most popular items and you will continue to receive shipments with these items.  You can change those shipments at any time and as you did with the Food Storage Q. You can review the items in your Q at any time (see My Q tutorial), as well as remove or add items (see Add Items tutorial).


How do I navigate the Home Store Q?
The first time you log into your Q after it has been updated to the Home Store Q, you will be guided through the process of managing your Q by a series of popup hints. There is also a short tutorial video at the top of each of the 3 panels that explains the features in each panel.  You can also click here to watch a full tutorial on setting up a Home Store Q from start to finish, and refer to our Q FAQ, which has commonly asked questions and answers about the Home Store Q. As always, customer support is available Monday through Friday from 9am–6pm MST. See available customer service channels here.


Will I still receive pre-shipment notifications?
Yes, you will receive a notification 5 days before each Q shipment processes that displays the items in your shipment.


Will I be notified once my Q has been upgraded?
Yes. You will be notified by email once your Q has been updated. In addition, you will receive a letter in an upcoming Q order that will explain the upgrade process.