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My husband, Bill, and I have for several years, realized the need to be more self-sufficient and prepared for any emergency that may arise. Whether large scale community disasters, like a long-term power outage, earthquake or tornado or on a smaller, more personal scale of an unexpected illness, lay-off or downsize of a job, EVERYONE needs to be ready! Even if our community or state isn't directly affected by a natural or man-made disaster, sources for our food, water and other necessities may be delayed or totally stopped. Being properly prepared doesn't mean that you are an extremist or hoarder. Most people are prepared in other areas of their lives with health, life, home and car insurance. None of these things are ever expected or hoped to be used, but in reality, they are a great comfort when they ARE needed. Emergency "insurance" is just as comforting to have in place. To KNOW that you are prepared if you need to fall back on the food, water, heat, energy, first aid, and shelter you have stocked up on, can be a huge stress reliever. We can't, nor should we depend on the government to come to our aid. Sure, those agencies will if they can, but in a large scale emergency, we are expected to have a MINIMUM of 72 hours of the above needs covered.

For us, being prepared does not mean we don't trust God to protect us. We are self-sufficient only to the extent that He gives us the knowledge and ability to be so. We are still totally reliant on Him to give us wisdom and tools to use to take care of us. We are told in a parable in Matthew 25, to be prepared and not wait until it is too late. We believe this is to be taken spiritually concerning our eternal destiny, but also in the present physical day to day life we live. It just makes sense!

So, now you know the WHY of our story. Here is the HOW:

I (Sara), had the treasure of working very successfully with another direct sales business for over 13 years. I have learned how to spot an excellent product, sell, and give good customer service. While in that company, I learned to take ordinary foods and make them into delicious dishes.


Bill, on the other hand, is an experienced backpacker and worked in the emergency field for many years.

When we found out about THRIVE Life, it couldn't have been a better match for us!


We are very excited to bring you the best of both these worlds in our classes! We can tailor make a class filled with lots of fun and information with absolutely no pressure sales! If you prefer to treat your friends to a taste testing of many of our convenient, time saving and healthy THRIVE freeze dried foods, then we are ready to help you! If you want to focus in on camping or emergency preparedness products and information, we can help you with that also. Or, we can do a combination of the two! All the while, helping you earn many products free and half priced!


We hope you will consider us your personal consultants to help you with your THRIVE Life needs! 


One last thing, please do let us know if you have any questions at all or are interested in purchasing or hosting. We can supply you with a password that will give you a 5%-40% discount with your order!


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