Nutritional and Allergy Information on the Thrive Life Recipe Site
While we strive to provide the most accurate allergy and nutritional information possible, please note that this information is intended as a reference and not as exact and comprehensive for those with strict dietary restrictions or severe allergies. Those with such restrictions should review all ingredients to make sure they are suitable to your needs before making or consuming a recipe. Consult a dietician or physician before starting a diet plan that relies upon the provided nutrition and allergen information. Thrive Life is not responsible for the nutritional information and dietary categorization of recipes submitted by others. 
How Our Nutritional Information Is Calculated
We provide the nutritional information for all THRIVE ingredients in our recipes, and use the USDA nutritional information database to calculate nutritional information for all other ingredients. The USDA database includes thousands of foods, but keep in mind that any ingredients which cannot be found in this database (aside from THRIVE foods) will not be provided with nutritional information. 
Serving information is based on the number of servings provided in the recipe. We total the nutritional information for all ingredients for which it is available and divide it by the number of servings in the recipe. Please remember that the information provided on this site is approximate. Substitutions, pre-prepared ingredients (minced, peeled, etc.), optional ingredients, or ingredients with arbitrary measurements (pinch, package, can, “to taste”) may result in some level of inaccuracy in nutritional information. 
Recipes Submitted by Others
Recipes submitted by others are moderated by Thrive Life, and nutritional data is assigned to the applicable ingredients where available. Allergen and dietary categorization will be moderated to the best of our ability but is ultimately the responsibility of the submitter. Thrive Life does not test submitted recipes and cannot vouch for the taste, health, or accuracy of recipes submitted by others.