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I have been buying Thrive for the past 3 years. My family has loved it! I recently started cooking with Thrive every day and have loved what I have learned about becoming more prepared by cooking just what my family likes and also knowing how much I need. It has made all the difference for me to know I can give me family healthy foods, quickly and also keep my costs down as I use what I have in my home store and keep myself out of the grocery store! It rocks! Some of my favorite Thrive foods are: tomato powder, sweet corn, seedless grapes, sausage, bread mixes, tomato sauce, etc. I don't know what I would do without the convenience of Thrive. I will never go back! It has been SO worth my time, money and effort to improve my eating with Thrive. I am grateful to have taken a chance on that "freeze dried" food demo! It was such a good choice.

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