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I became a Thrive Life Consultant in May of 2013. I thought I'd build my home storage while helping others do the same. I've been able to do that and so much more. I had no idea when I started, the impact that Thrive Life would have on me and my family. Yes, my clients are more prepared for emergencies, but they also have HOMESTORES full of nutritious and delicious foods that they enjoy with their families every single day. We no longer depend on drive through and take out to provide quick meals for our families. We have Thrive in our homes, which allows us to make nutrient rich meals for our families in just minutes. The grocery stores no longer dictate what foods we feed our families by what they choose to stock on their shelves. Being a Q customer and picking the foods we want every single month on a budget we determine allows us to make healthier food choices for our families. Thrive is empowering people to eat healthier and is revolutionizing the food industry. I'm proud to be part of this food revolution!

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