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December 2014 is my four-year anniversary as a consultant with Thrive Life and I have to say I still love it! When I first signed up as a consultant, it was just so I could be my own customer. I was building up my own Home Store, and I thought, why not earn commission and free food on what I was going to purchase anyway?<br /><br />
As my Home Store grew and I was sharing recipes with family and friends I became the "go to" person for their Thrive needs. This little independent consultant business of mine turned into a great part-time job! I ended up with income and a lot of free food, water storage and emergency supplies. <br /><br />
I took the next step and actively began the process to grow my business, still part-time, as I was working full-time as a Senior Systems Analyst for an international company. I am happy to share with you that as of July 2014 I was able to quit my full-time (stable, yet boring) job and continue my Thrive-ing Business full-time. In my old job, no matter how hard I worked or how many hours per day I worked, I was still locked into a stagnant and limited income. I decided I never wanted to be in a limited income job again.<br /><br />
More importantly, working with Thrive Life I have never been happier! I love the food, I love the company, I have met so many wonderful people, I love working with my team, and I've had so many great new experiences that I truly feel blessed in this endeavor. <br /><br />

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