November 21, 2015
I just finished up the leftovers of this amazing soup! It was so easy to make and the blend of savory with the apples was delicious! I didn't have Granny Smith Apples so I used the Fuji Apples and it was excellent! This was not spicy at all for us. Maybe it was the type of curry Tillisa, in the other review, used that made her's spicy. If you don't use a hot curry this recipe will not be spicy at all and it will still be a very flavorful soup.
October 24, 2015
Excellent flavor, texture and spice. I have re-named it 'chicken curry soup'. My husband didn't even add any additional spices (he a!ways adds hot sauce to everything). I can't handle spicy foods so he adds the heat to his plate. This was the perfect balance of flavor and a hint of spicy - even for me who can't eat spicy foods. Delicious!!
September 10, 2015