April 23, 2018
My family loves this recipe! I make this recipe to serve on top of tamales to add extra flavor, sauce and zest! One thing I do to cut corners on this recipe - instead of using whole tomatillos and running them through the blender, I just buy tomatillo salsa and dump some of that into the chile verde sauce. It works great and saves a couple of extra steps.
March 3, 2018
Tomatillos are an unusual ingredient, easy enough to find in the grocery store but wish there was more explanation about how to prepare them. All it says is “core” whole.... ?
Had to add a little extra espangole to thicken- a little watery otherwise
June 2, 2017
I made this yesterday (it was our first Thrive Life meal or meal component)....the recipes were spot on in flavor and we REALLY REALLY enjoyed them. I did have a hard time with the timing, but I just need to work on that. I did have all of the components of each dish (the rice and the chile verde) in bowls all measured out so that it was easy to assemble quickly at the stove. I almost always use the "mise en place" technique when I'm preparing a recipe that has several components to it. This recipe was a great introduction to your products and I can't wait to try more!!!!
April 25, 2017