December 16, 2016
Wow - so easy, and was quite excellent! I am guessing it could have been better with fresh onions, but I only had Thrive chopped onions, and they turned out great. I also didn't have fresh sour cream, so I threw in Thrive sour cream powder, and it turned out great. I didn't even bother reconstituting it. The only problem with this recipe is it disappears too quickly - my 14 year old son devoured it!
September 7, 2015
Awesome, my four year old thought it should have 65 stars. My three year said it was good but just ate the noodles. We didn't have any sour cream so we just threw in some thrive sour cream and a dash of limeade powder to make the sour cream just pop. I have never made beef stroganoff so quick or easy before. Will most likely add this one to our rotation and have it quite a bit more often.

I may just make a serving size at a custom tasting for others to taste and see how quickly it goes together.
July 24, 2014