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Mindy James
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A Game Changer for our Family

I am a single mom to three children. We are entirely gluten free due to celiacs, and are dairy, soy and (mostly) corn free due to allergies. I love feeding my children fresh fruits and vegetables without pesticides. However, it was difficult to make it to the farmer's market, time consuming to prep all the vegetables, and food kept getting wasted. Thrive has been a blessing to our family. I can prep meals weeks ahead of time, throw it in the crockpot, and come home to delicious and nutritious food.

My oldest two children love taking Thrive in their lunchbox - or eating it straight out of the can. My youngest daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum and the pickiest eater know to man kind prefers the Thrive eggs (unbeknownst to her), and is slowly transitioning over to eating better.

Thrive has also been a great way for me to have a second job while still being able to care for my kids, and work around therapy and other activities. I love knowing that no matter what life throws at us we will have healthy food to eat.
Christine Baker
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Teenagers voluntarily eating vegetables! Oh my!

My sons are just like most teenagers - they eat constantly and want snacks that are EASY! So imagine how happy I was to see my boys snack on bowls of freeze dried corn, peas and peppers! And my oldest son has started to create his own customer oatmeal with berries and apples - so much healthier and TASTIER than chips and cookies!!
Thank you Thrive Life!
Heather Lorimer
Smithfield UT
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It's the best snack ever!

As a mom it is tricky getting healthy food into my boys. If it was up to them they would eat frozen corn dogs and burritos for all their after school snacks. I’d rather they make some healthier choices so we had a family meeting and talked about what foods would make good snacks. After much discussion about what makes a healthy snack, Lincoln my 6 year old, gets very excited and shouts “Mom we can just have freeze dried corn? It’s the best snack ever!”
Andrea Anderson
Spokane WA
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Your children will start to ASK for their veggies.

Kids are notorious for turning their nose up at healthy choices, but with Thrive, they'll start to actually start ASKING for them. My 18 month old and 3 year old both LOVE red bell pepper, asparagus, and broccoli. They routinely ask for peas and zucchini. And lets not even talk about the corn! They prefer these choices over chips and crackers and I feel great giving it to them.
The new Snackies make it easy to take healthy snacks on the go. Thrive is pre-washed, chopped, and prepped so it's easy to toss into every meal. It's easy for you AND for them. Plus, it's not just my children either; whenever we have a playdate over here, all the kids seem to enjoy it and the parents are amazed! Thrive is magical!
Carrie O'Mahony
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No more guilt over food waste!

For several years, I tried and tried to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables to my 5 children, but more produce was going into the garbage than into their mouths. I felt like a failure and was discouraged because so much money was being wasted. Then, a friend introduced me to Thrive. Now, fruits and veggies are washed, chopped and at the ready whenever and wherever I need them. And... I am loving sharing Thrive with others and watching my business grow.
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Picky eater but not no more!!!! My son now gets the nutrition he needs with no messes or fights!!!

Since I am a mama bear to an amazing little baby bear this company has saved me time, money, and allowed my picky eater the nutrition he NEEDS!!

My son was premature so I began to look for alternatives in healthy foods. I was at a local craft fair and I stumbled upon THRIVE! I tried their snackies and instantly fell in love. I said to myself "Who doesn’t love food?" It is something we all need and what mom wouldn't love more time!! Plus as a mother it is fast, convenient and I have food on the go for my family without any waste!! All I do is add water!! I ordered some snackies on Black Friday and when they arrived my husband tried them and the rest was history!! That is where and how we became involved with thrive. All I can say is I am glad we did!

My son and husband are addicted!!! Every time we get a shipment my son comes running towards me when he sees the snackie bags or the cans. My husband loves to steal the bananas and goes and hides with them LOL. Thrive has honestly been the best thing to happen to our family when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating and snacking.
Sabrina Baker
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A Real Blessing to a Parent of a Child with Specials Needs

My daughter has Down syndrome and Autism. I am a full time working mom. Going to the grocery store is very difficult for me because my husband works out of town. My daughter wanders easily and doesn't like to go to the store. Thrive has been such a blessing to our family. Now I can have my groceries delivered to my door! I no longer have to dread trips to the store or try to find a sitter! And as an added bonus, my daughter who has texture issues will eat the crunchy Thrive fruit, and I can grind up the veggies to add to her meals.

I enjoy sharing Thrive with my coworkers and friends who have children with special needs. The extra income has also been a blessing. I am able to enroll my daughter in extra therapies and activities she enjoys because of my Thrive commission each month.
Michelle Daughs
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No more stress at meal times!!

I chose to start using Thrive Life foods for my family of 8 because cooking healthy meals everyday without Thrive is just hard! Now, life is so much easier. I stock up on Jar Meals so I always have an easy and nutritious meal ready when I don't have time to cook--which is often! My kids love eating Thrive foods right out of the can for snacks. We add it to smoothies, take it in the car, and cook with it daily! Yes, my stress level is so much less since using Thrive Life foods! Oh, and my kids will do tons of chores to earn a snackies bag!!! I love Thrive Life!!!

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