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Cindy Suelzle
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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Who Knew Living a Lifestyle of Healthy Self Reliance Could Be This Easy?

I am big into self reliance, always have been. My entire adult life has involved the concept of healthy independence. Though we live in a large Canadian city, we grow as much of our food and herbs as we can. I grind my own flour, cook from scratch, make my own soap, and use a clothesline for three of the four seasons (hey, even I have limits). It will come as no surprise then, that we have always had an excellent food storage / home-store. ....

So has THRIVE LIFE changed our life? No. It hasn't changed our life, but it sure has simplified it and given it more colour and variety. It has made it EASIER for us to live the way we want to. Easier to feed our family healthily all year round on a budget. Easier to have the peace of mind that long term storage of good, nutritious food provides. Easier to afford things that are important to our family. It used to be that saving time in the kitchen meant giving up something that was fundamentally important to us. It felt like incorporating 'easy' was selling out to the dark side. No longer true. THRIVE LIFE lets us live the life we want ~ easier.

And it has made it easier to share all these good things with other people. Because EVERYBODY should be able to enjoy the same advantages we enjoy, whatever their lifestyle is.
Kelli Stellmon
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Thrive Possibilities

I signed up as a business builder with Thrive several years ago. But really, I've just been a social seller. I have been using the foods and I have a monthly "Q." But lately, as we near our retirement years, I've been searching for something we could do together to bring in some extra income in our senior years. We're both nurses, but we don't want to work for someone else in our retirement years.
Debbie Abbott, the consultant that introduced me to Thrive, texted me regarding a meeting here in Spokane. I invited a friend and went. While sitting at that meeting, the light bulb went on! THIS is what we can do!!! Thrive is the answer! I decided it was time to get serious about doing this business. I love the foods, I believe in their value, and I believe this business is the answer to my prayers. I've got 2 parties set up for April, and I just hosted an online party and was able to order almost $100 in free products and almost $300 in half-off products!!!
Retirement is 5 years away. By then, we'll have built our business well enough that we will definitely be "Thriving!" and MORE!!
Ilene Knipe
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Thrive Met Both of My Needs!

When I started with Thrive I had one goal in mind... Get a Years Supply of Food for my entire family. That's 10 people! That goal took me about 2.5 years to accomplish, utilizing the Q, Host Benefits, and our awesome Sales. I remember thinking I was never going to crack open those Thrive cans. I finally had the security I'd always wanted. However, It didn't take long for me to realize how difficult it was to truly share the benefits of Thrive with others, when I wasn't experiencing those benefits myself. While driving home from a party one night, the thought occurred to me, Ilene you are a fraud! You are asking these people to do something you are not doing yourself. OUCH! That was the turning point for me. I went home and opened about 25 Thrive cans the next day, and committed to using at least 2-3 Thrive ingredients in every meal from that day forward. I tried one new Thrive recipe each week, and swapped out fresh for freeze-dried with some of my own favorite recipes. My family loved the meals I was creating, and I LOVED how easy my life had become. Why did I wait so long?!! Now, four years later, my family has a 2 years supply of food in my Home Store and we still eat Thrive every day. Funny how that works!
Karin Hamon
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Thrive Saved my Sanity! :)

We have been involved with Thrive since it came into Canada. We had always just stored Thrive as Food Storage. My Husband lost his job, and I was very pregnant and could not work any more. We quickly went through our savings & emergency funds. Like anything bad, that wasn't the end of our trials. We found our selves unable to buy groceries, and I started to panic, how was I to feed 2 little boys? and be ready for a baby on the way! THRIVE!! We had a good amount of Thrive, so we began to use it more, Everymeal! Even though my fridge was Empty, my family was eating Nutritious Food! The funny thing is our meals got healthier! loaded with so many more veggies! My kids knew things were tight financially, but they Never went Hungry! If we wanted something special, well we just had to make it, instead of going out! People say Thrive is expensive, and it can be if you are Not using it. We were able to continue buying Thrive, because Thrive paid for Thrive! My groceries were being delivered right to my door, and they were paying for themselves. Thrive continues to keep us on our budget, and helps us eat healthy, and helps us have quality family time together!
Lynda Christy
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Why Thrive?

I fist got introduced to the product as Shelf Relaince. I started a Q so I could have food storage for my family. When time got tough I needed to start using the products I had in my storage. I did a lot of experimenting and bought books on hiking that had receipes by using freeze dried products and learning a lot about using the foods. My sons Scout Troop did a lot of hiking and canoeing and would be gone 5 days or more. He learned how to cook the foods on his trips. I became unemployed about a year ago and thought about selling Thrive but finally decided to in Feb. I have made more foods now that I have receipes and now look forward to trying more receipes since there are a lot more out there to try. I am enjoying all the group sites because of all the ideas other consultants post and am looking forward to convention more and more so I can learn a lot more about the Thrive products and enjoying the fact that I get to share with others the great taste.
Greg & Gwen Valentino
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THRIVE gave us our Family Time back....thank you

I was a massage therapist before we had kids. I was used to making my own hours and my own money. Then we had kids and decided I would stay home with them.
About a year and a half ago we introduced to Thrive Life! We signed up as consultants. We had been starting to store food and had always heard “store what you eat and eat what you store”

I had always been a fast food mom, Taco Tuesday at Del Taco, Wacky Pack Wednesday at Sonic, we knew them all…but I was interested in teaching my kids to eat better. I just did not know how. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to create healthy meals, only to be frustrated when they would not eat them, the food would go to waste, or the food was genetically modified and we would end up eating fast food anyway! I was gaining weight and our family was disconnected, too busy with school and sports and life, to make time for each other.

When I decided to cook with Thrive dinnertime became more enjoyable, not stressful. My kids can help cook any meal and even cook their own meals, and I have more family time at the end of my day.
Just by using Thrive I can create healthy fast food my family loves. I do not waste food anymore, I use 100% of what I buy. I feel confident in the quality of Thrive foods, knowing I am not giving my family GMO’s is a big deal to me. I am feeding them real food and they are eating it!! I am losing weight and generally feel happier.

I can save you countless hours from trying to plan, shop and make dinner. I can help you feel confident not only in the quality of food you are putting on the table but that your family will enjoy it!
Laura Stoker
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Finding Success Beyond the Dishes

As a mom it can be hard to feel successful when the jobs you work so hard doing keep being undone! I was feeling discouraged with the lack of challenge in my life. I loved being home, I didn't want a 9-5 job, but at the same time I wanted something that could push me a little more while still keeping the freedom of flexibility that I love.

Then I moved to a new town and realized how much I needed a home store, healthy options, and food that wouldn't keep going bad. I was tired of wasting veggies or not being able to keep fruit on hand without running to the store. Thrive was my answer and I love the company, I love the vision, and I knew others would love it too!

I quickly jumped in as a consultant enjoying success, helping others, and feeling good about the awesome company I am promoting. It has been fun to get out of the house a little more, set new goals for myself, and with each accomplishment have more confidence in myself. I see myself going far in my business without sacrificing being home with my boys.

I tease people that when I am working I am thriving but I really do feel this way! I am thriving in my home store, my confidence, and my business! Oh and don't worry, the dishes still get done ;)
Ashley Butler
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Blessings Beyond Measure

Thrive has helped me and my family by allowing me to build my food storage quickly because I started out the gate with Fast Track and earned over $1300 in free food from that amazing program plus all the hostess benefits I was able to receive as being a host for all my parties. I was able to get a year's supply of Freeze Dried foods within 6 months either free or half off.

Due to this success, I was eager to share my story with others in my community and offer them ways to get involved with Thrive. This has allowed my income to be a source well used in continuing my efforts of preparedness and the burdens of finances have been lifted off my husband's shoulders!

Thank you!

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