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Allison Deibel
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Thriving at home and on the hiking trail!

Using Thrive foods has helped my family in several different ways. First, my children absolutely love the freeze dried veggies and fruits. I like them because they are healthy and easy to add to meals, snacks, and desserts. Second, I enjoy cooking with Thrive produce because it doesn't go bad like so many of the vegetables hanging out in my fridge used to do. I don't buy too many fruits and vegetables anymore. The third reason I love Thrive food is for camping purposes. My husband volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America and he goes on lots of camping trips with them. We enjoy coming up with lightweight backpacking meals for him that only require adding water. Thrive products are extremely helpful with that. There are other reasons why I love Thrive, but these are the main ones!
Jeff and Diane Baxter
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Food for ANYONE who eats!

Our understanding of the value of THRIVE foods has expanded the longer we have been in the business! Originally, we were storing up food for "the zombie apocalypse", never really intending to eat any of it! However, as we began eating the foods, we realized they were MUCH too tasty to leave in the cans! Now we have grown to understand the versatility of using our foods for everything from baby food to toddler snacks, from quick meals while traveling to gourmet dinners with the family, and from easy snacks to jar meals! The flavor combinations are endless, and knowing we are eating GMO free healthy foods is the icing on the cake!

Cassie Fuller
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Not Just Food Storage...

For several months I was feeling a need and urgency to start working on our food storage, because we had nothing! I would go to my sister house and she had been on the Q for about 4 years, so when I saw Thrive at an event I knew it was time to start working on our food storage. The amazing consultant that signed mentioned that she used a portion of her grocery budget each month on thrive, and that her family eats it regularly. I had never even considered that! I'd always heard that if you are going to have food storage, make sure it's stuff you'll actually eat. Some of the best ways to determine what your kiddos will eat is cooking with it. So I thought it was totally brilliant to use a portion of your grocery budget on this yummy tasting food.

I never considered myself the consultant type, talking in front of people freaks me out! Like sweaty palms, squeaky voice and slight shaking, I'm kinda terrified! But when I saw on the social seller kit to share with friends and family, I was kinda excited about it. I thought, hey, I could totally share with my friends and family and if I earn enough to cover what I buy, that would be awesome! After sharing with a few friends I realized this is pretty awesome, I love Thrive, I should share it with others. And so I have slowly been doing parties, every time I get a new party booked its like a little adrenaline rush of excitement. I am still totally terrified, but I think everyone needs to try this amazing food, so its makes the scary a little easier to swallow! And one on ones are my favorite!

So now, almost a year later, I am happy to report that we are slowly growing our food storage and we love using thrive in our day to day cooking! I love it when my nieces and nephews come over begging for some freeze dried fruit to snack on! Or when my kiddos see a can in the pantry and love just sitting and devouring it. My oldest (he's 8) thinks doing the parties is the coolest thing about the business!
Holly Cooley
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
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Peace of mind in a can

With Thrive I can be ready for anything! I can fix a healthy dinner in 20 minutes or less. I always have the ingredients I need on hand. Threat of storms or power outages? No problem. Need a quick snack? Got it. All out of cheese for a recipe? Nope. Thrive foods bring peace of mind to my every day cooking experience. Who knew you could find that in a can?
Karin Jacobson
Logan, UT
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Thrive FITS Our Life

We are a busy family of six, and it seemed like evenings were the time of day with the most things to do--dinner being one of them. We would eat anything that was ready or took only a few minutes to prepare (pancakes, cereal, chips, fast food). This was NOT the kind of quality family time I had hoped for. Thank goodness I FINALLY caught the vision of THRIVE and what it could do for our family!

I found I could make my tried and true, kid approved recipes much healthier and faster using THRIVE. My kids get the food they love, I get to spend WAY less time in the kitchen so we have more time to spend together. I love it! I save time not having to chop, dice, thaw, brown, cook, peel, wash, etc. I save money and know I'm getting some of the best quality food there is. THRIVE fits our life.
Leslie Green
Davenport, Iowa
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Always Saving the Day!

I've been a consultant since 2011 and I have enjoyed getting to use our products in our weekly cooking, for company, and in parties/cooking demos. We have such a wide variety of foods to choose from. For instance, you can add so much nutrition to foods by adding THRIVE fruits and vegetables to something you're already making. Our recipe site is a great way to get ideas and have a guaranteed hit at dinner. Yum!
Peggy Klanecky
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She Had Me at Cheese!

When I was introduced to THRIVE, I liked the idea of having healthy food around without having to chop and prepare and without the waste that is usually involved in cooking. My husband, on the other hand, just wanted to have food set aside in case of emergency. He liked that THRIVE has freeze-dried cheese. We live several miles out of town, so when Lance was making soup and asked if we had celery, he was discouraged to see we didn't. Then I told him we had some THRIVE Celery. He used it and was happy again! We have been using THRIVE in the kitchen ever since, and when we talk to people about THRIVE, Lance always says, "She had me at Cheese!"
Rachel Hanchett
Mesa, AZ
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Journey to a Thriving Life

I came across THRIVE several years ago and at first I just stored it for years. It wasn't until I opened it and really started cooking with it that I saw how how THRIVE could really change my life! I love how easy it is to use and how much healthier my family eats! I'm so spoiled now, I hate to have to go to the store for anything that I should have in my Home Store! If you've been storing your THRIVE and haven't really tried using it on a regular basis I encourage you to do it. I promise you'll be so happy with the results and will wonder why you didn't start your thriving life years ago!

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