Sailing with Thrive

Matt Rutherford


Shelf Reliance will sponsor Matt Rutherford as he attempts a solo sailing voyage circumnavigating North and South America.

When Rutherford completes his voyage he will be the first person to sail continuously around both continents. Rutherford’s voyage began June 10th in Annapolis, Maryland. The voyage is 23,000 nautical miles (about 26,500 miles), which Rutherford intends to travel in ten and a half months.

To help support Rutherford’s efforts, Shelf Reliance has supplied him with a year’s supply of their freeze-dried and dehydrated THRIVE foods. All proceeds from Rutherford’s voyage go to supporting the Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB), a charitable organization dedicated to helping special needs individuals fulfill their dreams of sailing.

Jason Norton, Shelf Reliance Executive Vice President: “We are excited to team up with Rutherford for his dedicated work to bring exposure to CRAB. Since we provide high quality food with a long shelf life, it was a natural fit for us to support Rutherford’s voyage. We are excited for Rutherford to experience our great-tasting food in an environment that requires simple convenience and proper nutrition.”

Matt Rutherford: "I couldn't have done the trip without Shelf Reliance because they were able to completely customize my order. With THRIVE, I will receive the nutrition and variety I need for my voyage. All of the Shelf Reliance consultants and corporate management I have worked with have been very friendly and helpful as they have worked to prepare me for the trip.”

Customers will be able to receive news of Rutherford’s voyage and track his mileage and location by clicking here. Upon his return, Rutherford will share some of his favorite moments during his solo voyage at the annual Shelf Reliance convention and will encourage individuals to dare to accomplish their own dreams.

Shelf Reliance is excited to begin the partnership with Rutherford because they believe it will demonstrate that with superior products and sound education, Shelf Reliance can empower individuals to become self-reliant, prosperous, and charitable.

Sailing Route