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I love Thrive foods and use them on a daily basis to help me save time in the kitchen while feeding my family healthier food.  I love all the benefits of Thrive foods, and we all love how they taste.  Whether we are snacking on yummy freeze dried fruits and veggies straight out of the can, or having fun in the kitchen making a quick, nutritious meal, Thrive helps us!

As a Thrive Life consultant, the company promises me that I will always be able to offer the lowest prices on all Thrive Life products.  Just consider me your walking coupon to get you all the best deals!

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Best Prices

April 21, 2015

***UPDATED September 2020***



Wow, what a challenging time for us all.  Thrive foods to the rescue, yay!  Due to high demand for emergency preparedness food, some Thrive foods are out of stock. The company is working around the clock to build up inventory. Orders can only include inventory that is currently in stock. See below for your ordering options for home-delivered groceries.  And scroll to the bottom for links to info that will answer questions about Thrive foods.  Take care and God bless us all!


*** General Info Below ***



Hi!  You found my consultant blog with my current offers and tips.  This blog is part of my consultant website at  (Please copy/paste this link to share with friends & family!)  We have likely met, or a friend referred you, and now you want to know more about how you can get Thrive Life solutions through me at the guaranteed lowest prices.  

Thrive Life is a nationally respected food company helping people become more self-reliant and live thriving lives.  You may have sampled our delicious Thrive freeze dried foods.  If so, you were likely impressed with their quality and how you can store them for many years, yet regularly use them because they are so healthy, convenient, and delicious.  We carry over 150 varieties of long-lasting Thrive foods which enable you to build up a well-balanced home store to provide for your family's everyday and emergency preparedness needs.  Thrive foods will help your family live healthier, thriving lives in many ways.  You may have also seen examples of our pantry organizers (food rotation shelving systems) to organize and rotate your canned foods.  All orders are shipped directly to you from Thrive Life.  You just get the best prices by being connected to me!  

Best options to order!

The most important thing to remember is to stay connected to me to get the lowest prices!  You can only get the lowest prices by being a consultant or by knowing a consultant. Select the solution that works best for you from the below three options (I strongly suggest option 2 or 3):


Good Option #1:  Make a one-time order.

At the top of this page, hover over “Shop”.  Add the products you want to your shopping cart and check out.  Please make sure it says "Shalah is your consultant" at the top of the page, so I get credit for your purchase and can provide you great customer service.  As with all your purchase options through me, Thrive Life ships your order directly to you.

If you are looking for a quick way to shop for Thrive foods, click here to easily access over 150 individual foods. (THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO QUICKLY SEE WHAT FOODS ARE IN STOCK DURING THIS PERIOD OF HIGH DEMAND DUE TO THE PANDEMIC.  PRODUCTS RESTOCKED ASAP.)

If you are unfamiliar with Thrive and want to sample some of our most popular Thrive freeze dried foods, I suggest these options: Snackies and To Go and Chef Packs and Ruvi healthy drink mixes.

Don’t forget our pantry organizers.  These convenient food rotation shelving systems help auto-rotate your canned foods-- first in, first out.


Better Option #2:  Begin "My Deliveries", our grocery delivery service.

“My Deliveries” conveniently delivers Thrive foods to your front door as often as you want them to arrive (no commitment, no minimum order, no cost for this service, and you can skip deliveries or cancel anytime).  It offers additional perks and food options, including the lowest prices and free shipping when your delivery is $100 or more!  Besides getting the individual Thrive foods you want, you can also choose to receive our delicious Simple Plate meal kits.  All the ingredients you need to make a quick, healthy meal in under 30 minutes in one box (doesn't need refrigerated).  I’ve enjoyed this grocery delivery service for the past seven years.  To learn more or set up your delivery service, hover over the delivery truck icon at the top of this page or go to  If you decide to set this up, I will continue to provide you a monthly support email and individual customer support as you need it.  (AFTER SETTING UP YOUR DESIRED DELIVERY, I SUGGEST YOU CLICK ON "SHIP NOW" SO YOUR ORDER IS PROCESSED NOW, BEFORE PRODUCTS GO OUT OF STOCK DURING THIS TIME OF HIGH DEMAND DUE TO CORONAVIRUS.)


Best Option #3:  BE A CONSULTANT.  Register as a consultant to get the overall best deal!  Get a commission on your own purchases and much more!  

Being a consultant really does give you the best deal, whether you want to grow a home business or even if your only goal is to get your own family's needs met in the best way.  Get all the benefits of option #2 above, plus more.  Click here (or on "Join Us" at the top of this page) to learn about the additional advantages of being a Thrive Life consultant (easy print PDF here).  The only requirement to be a consultant is to purchase a starter kit and then order at least $50 each month in products of your choice through the above delivery service (free shipping if $100 or more).  Simple!  Your family needs groceries, right?  Then you can earn commission and other benefits.  I’m glad to help you as a customer or as a consultant- whatever works best for you!



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I love Thrive Life solutions and am sure you will too.  If becoming more self-reliant, healthier, and saving time and money is important to you, I will help show you how!  Email me at or call me at 417-597-0259.

Thanks!  Shalah

Thrive Life Independent Consultant #2615

Silver Executive and former Thrive Life Product Advisory Board member

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