Our Story

Steve Jobs. Thomas Edison. Walt Disney. They all had a vision that no one else at the time could see, and they used it to change the world. The founders of Thrive Life, Steve Palmer and Jason Budge, have a vision too, and it’s revolutionizing the food industry.


The Next Revolution in Food
Canned food. Frozen food. Fast food. Food has always evolved to meet the changing needs of society, and we're on the cusp of the next big revolution. It's no longer enough for foods to simply be convenient: we want them to be healthy too, with high quality guaranteed. And, of course, we want it all at a budget we can afford.


Why THRIVE is Different
Most foods can’t live up to those expectations, but THRIVE freeze dried foods are different. They’re healthy, delicious, convenient, and don’t go bad on your shelves or result in costly waste, making them the only foods on the market to truly offer everything today’s consumers are looking for. We’re at the forefront of the next revolution in food, so try it today and join us in changing the way the world thinks about food.


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