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So I come from and married into a family of prepared people. My dad is a volunteer firefighter and mom is a volunteer first responder. My in-law are one of the few people I actually know who have a year supply of food AND know how to use it. I however could not get into being prepared, even though I know it is important, it just seemed like so much work. I loved Christmas because I knew I’d get something for my food storage from my in-laws,. Woot my own supply of wheat, dried milk, and fruit drink (for my husband), just in case! I’m not even sarcastic, I really was excited for it because I wanted to be prepared for any “just in case” that came a long, it just seemed too hard to do myself. Then I was introduced to Thrivelife’s Q and talk about easy! It was perfect! I went once, ONCE! and tweaked the list of suggested food for a family our size to fit our taste (because while we might need vegetables a whole bunch of green beans wouldn’t do anyone any good but broccoli would) and then set our budget. Now every month we get food in the mail. I don’t even have to do anything and it is like Christmas once a month- LOVE IT!

It’s easy. That is the first reason I got involved, but it gets even better. So after a few months I had gotten all this food and I realized I wasn’t using it. It is good for 20-25 years, why should I use it now? Then one day I ran out of eggs in the middle of a recipe because I hadn’t realized the ones in my fridge had gone bad, unlucky. Then I remembered my “home store,” much more convent at the time than packing everything up and making a trip to a nearby grocery store in order to finish what I was making. So I broke out my powdered eggs and fell in love with them. Since then I have other parts of the THRIVE line that I love because they are easy to use. I can get the exact amount I need without wasting anything (ever half a recipe that only called for one egg to start with or need two table spoons of tomato sauce that regularly comes in a little 8oz can?). Not only is the THRIVE line easy to order but in the beautifully and easy to understand packaging it is convenient. The fact that is convenient to use in my everyday life is awesome because if “just in case” comes I’ll know how to use it (like “just in case” I run out of eggs in the middle of a recipe).

It’s easy and convenient (oh and yummy).


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