Thrive Life Regional Events
September 2013 - January 2014

Colorado Springs, Colorado :: Oct 12



Corporate Presentation

    • The Thrive Life opportunity and commission plan
    • Understanding the Home Store
    • Chef Todd cooking show
    • Break out discussions

Lunch (provided)


Training and Education

    • Leader training with:
      Scott and Sandi Pearce
      Chad and Rachel Mano
      Amber Pearce
    • Chef Todd cooking demo
    • Break out discussions

Making a Difference

    • Thriving Nations
    • Closing thoughts


Who will be there?

Chef Todd
Chief Executive Chef

Chef Todd holds a silver and five gold medals in ACF sanctioned competitions and is the youngest chef in Utah to earn the ACF accredited status of Certified Executive Chef. Chef Todd loves developing new recipes to showcase the great taste and convenience of THRIVE and is known for his gourmet concoctions, exciting Thrive It Up cooking broadcasts, and larger-than-life personality.

Jason Budge

Jason never stops looking for new products, processes, and tools to improve Thrive Life and revolutionize the industry. From helping create the first garage-built prototypes of the Food Rotation System years ago to constantly searching for new additions to the THRIVE food line, Jason has proven his passion for innovation and problem solving.


Lindsay Budge

Lindsay is a graduate of Utah State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Deaf Education. She has a love for cooking, especially with THRIVE foods, and has been instrumental in creating many THRIVE recipes.

Jason Norton
Executive Vice President

Jason’s years of experience in direct sales and international markets have been instrumental in creating and developing the unique Home Party program at Thrive Life and expanding it on an international scale. His passion for helping consultants to grow and be successful has helped Thrive Life become the company it is today.