Thrive Life Regional Events
5 years of Home Parties
Let's Celebrate!
And get excited for what's to come

Get Excited about the Future of Food

We’re celebrating 5 years of home parties, but the fun is just beginning. THRIVE is part of the new food revolution, and it’s here to stay. Come to our regional Summit Saturday events to learn how your business can get onboard the new wave of convenient, healthy, and cost efficient foods.

This year’s Summit Saturdays will be in a new format! All our training, presentations, and cooking demos will be in a hands-on format so you’ll actually be working on specific areas of your business at the event. You’ll leave with the tools, knowledge, and firsthand experience you need to reach the next summit in your business!


At Summit Saturday, You'll:

  • Meet and hear from Thrive Life executives
  • Participate in live cooking demos and activities with Chef Todd
  • Try out our new recipe site and other online tools
  • Learn from local consultant leaders
  • Participate in hands-on training activities from Belinda Ellsworth's Step into Success program, including the power hour and following up with customers
  • Network with local consultants and leaders