Jennifer JJ Reyes

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Hi!  As a student of nutrition, I know my family needs the vitamins and minerals plants provide.

But how many times have I watched produce shrivel in my fridge because...
- I had an unusually busy week?
- Chopping onions burns my eyes?
- I can't remember how old that bell pepper is?
- I forgot about them?  

And sometimes here in Newfoundland, Canada, fresh produce is not... well, fresh.  Or my favorite berries aren't available when I want them.

Now my kids have DELICIOUS, healthy snack options every day!  

I am so excited to share Thrive Life with you, so you, too, can TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH one bite at a time.

Jennifer's Blog

I try to make healthy choices....

November 3, 2016

I try to make healthy choices.... I switched to Himalayan Pink Salt, which is alkaline and contains many vital minerals your body needs. I've got a Costco-sized tub of coconut oil, which i use for everything from making my own hair potions to frying Newfoundland cod. I take high quality vitamins, at least a few times a week. I use the purest essential oils on the planet. I... Read More…