Thrive Life Testimonials

  • "We were very pleased that the shelves were exactly what we needed and at a very reasonable price. Considering we are in Illinois and they were coming from Utah, it was a selling point that we didn’t pay for shipping. On top of that, we found the beans were excellent! I opened the can and expected to have to wash and sort them, but to my surprise, I didn’t discard any of the beans and the water ran clear when I washed them. The soup I made was incredible and I continue to enjoy them as I thaw individual servings of soup. Of course, I immediately placed a larger order of food from Thrive Life to stock my shelves. It is a comfort in these difficult times to know that I have good food that my family will eat, stored in an easy-to-use shelf that rotates the cans effectively. Best of all, I saved money doing it!"
    J. Osmond
    Lake Villa, IL
  • "Just bought 5 of the Cansolidator Pantry and 1 of the 24x24 free standing Pantry units. Just a note to tell you how great they are and how helpful the demonstrator lady was. The units really help organize our canned goods. As soon as I have an old furnace moved to the attic, I will be installing several of the larger units in the freed up space. Looking forward to the simplified access to all of our rotation items. Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work."
    W. Hansen
    Richland, WA
  • "We have been thrilled with your Cansolidator system. We started with a double stacked shelf and then later added 2 more to our pantry. We have shown our pantry and recommended your product to all the friends and family who visit. Thanks,"
  • K. Miller
    Mesa, AZ
  • "I just wanted to say that I am delighted with your website! I purchased a small shelf rotation model and was very amused by the insert with the squirrel planning his food rotation. Intrigued, I checked out the website and have been browsing through the emergency preparedness section. I am so pleased to find something easy to use and helpful to help me with that "nagging-at-the-back-of-my-mind-really-should-do-something-about-this-but-don't-know-where-to-start" item on my to-do list. I am going to tell everyone about your site! "
    S. Landry
    Sacramento, CA
  • "With the addition of the Food Storage Calculator to the website, you've truly taken the headache out of emergency preparedness. Thank you, thank you! Our member resources are being strained because we don't have the man power to keep up the training with the needs of our community. You've really done some work to save us time. Thank you again. Please forward this email to those who deserve the thanks!!"
    D. Jenkins
    Bonanza, CO
  • "We love our food rotation system. Setting up the system has helped us gain control over our food storage. It helps us see exactly what we have on hand and what needs to be purchased. The best part of the rotation system is the freedom from rearranging stacks of canned goods in order to use the oldest cans first, as we have done in the past. Even adding food purchases is easier with the system in that regard. The rotation system is a time saver for me."
    L. Booth
    Bowling Green, VA
  • Our order arrived today and we'd want you to know how much we like the Cansolidators. They fit perfectly on the shelf we already have and ended the clutter of too many things jumbled together. We're so impressed with the quality and ease of putting them together, that we'll be ordering again.
    D. and G. Jones
    Huntsville, AL
  • "As I was looking for some emergency food buckets, I saw your line of products. I was eyeballing the 6-month $1,999 package, and as a person with sub-par credit, I thought to myself, "I wish emergency food storage companies offered layaway or payment plans." Then I saw your "Pay As You Go" option, the THRIVE Q. Brilliant. I purchased $600 worth of #10 cans. Whoever came up with that, they get it. Seriously, give them a gigantic raise and promotion because once word of mouth spreads, you won't be able to manufacture the stuff fast enough."
    T. Payne
    San Diego, CA
  • "Really happy to have found you. I have wanted a better method for organizing a food storage pantry. I am starting with one product but I am sure I will be back for more based on the reviews that I read. Many thanks."
    J. Crandall
    Grand Junction, CO
  • "It's great to have a place to click for pick-up! Thank you,"
    C. Beard
    Murray, UT
  • "I think is the best food storage ordering site I have found. I hope to make monthly orders! Thank you!"
    L. Campbell
    Butte, MT
  • I have been interested in food storage for a long time but was always worried if I bought dehydrated/freeze dried food and it was horrible - I would have just wasted my money. After doing some research, I took the plunge and bought a can of whole eggs and a can of sour cream and some packets of corn, red & green pepper, blueberries, onions, butter, cheese sauce, ham and broccoli from Thrive Life just to give it a try. To be perfectly honest - my thinking was, "ok...I am going to try this to see if I HAD to live off this stuff, would I resort to eating the family cat first because it tastes so bad." I covertly started cooking with it without my family's knowledge - and to my utter amazement - we all LOVE it!!! In addition, I no longer have to stop plans to bake something because I do not have any eggs, or butter, etc. I have never tried any food storage products before and I am nothing short of AMAZED at the quality and taste of your products. You have a new life-long customer and I can't wait to try your other selections - Thank you for making such a fantastic product!
    S. Cali
    Greenville, SC
  • Our food storage specialist (at church) told me about your website. Thrive products are rated #1 with our family for quality and taste!
    B. Vaughn
    Silsbee, TX
  • Hey now, that was fast. I placed my order yesterday morning and my wife called this morning and told me that you already delivered it. You guys are on top of it. Thank you for placing such a high priority on me, your new long-term customer. Now that's customer service.
    A. Poll
    Kaysville, UT

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