Christina Riostirado

Your Independent Consultant

Wow! I have been a Thrive Life Independent Consultant now for a full year and I am loving EVERY minute of it!!

I started buying Thrive Life about four years ago when I started buying for our home long-term storage. Having a child with a gagillion allergies made it necessary for me to do a ton of research and to find that it was very difficult to find "survival" food that was actually good for you and that wasn't chock full of chemicals and preservatives. 

Thrive Life fit the bit perfectly!! 

I bought Thrive for THREE years before actually even TRYING any of it. dumb am I? I had NO idea that freeze dried food was so incredible and amazing or that I would want to use it DAILY.

Now? After a year of cooking with Thrive every day? After munching on our delicious fruits, veggies and yogurt bites for yummy healthy snacks? No way could I go back to that processed junk they sell in the stores. Why would I want too when I can have food that just BURSTS with flavor, is full of nutrients AND is so easy to use!!

I love to share Thive Life. You can check out my website The Chilly Pantry and seriously change your life! 

Or contact me by TEXT 315-529-1527 or email to find out more about this amazing food and company!


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