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We started our Shelf Reliance business on Friday November 9th, 2012. After years of being interested in food storage and never seriously doing anything about it we decided on Shelf Reliance to help us build our home store and make our goal a reality!

Our motto for the new year: Thrive on in '13

January 27th 2013 ~ Well our food storage home store is growing! So far we have only good experiences with all the THRIVE foods we've purchased. Our business is growing and we've never had so much fun helping other families achieve their goals of a home store and food storage! The team is growing and thriving!


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February 16, 2012
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of new features to the table. It's the future of instant messaging, for one thing, and probably more than a few other things as well. But with the update, Apple's also moving to push some of the apps you use—and love—to the wayside like so much rubbish. Here's what's at the top of the OS X Mountain Lion hit list. Adium & AIM Most folks probably...
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