Go for the gold with our first ever Thrive Games!

Assemble your team of four to compete in a new challenge each month from August to October! During each challenge, bronze and silver medals will be up for grabs, along with free product for completing the qualifications in each challenge. At the end of the Thrive Games, we’ll announce the top 5 performing teams who’ll win the coveted gold medals along with an all-inclusive trip to Leadership Academy in Phoenix, Arizona!

Assemble Your Team

Each team must have 4 members

No more than 1 consultant on a team can be an Executive rank or above

Each Consultant account counts as 1 team member.

Register Your Team

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My Team Results

October Challenge: New Enrollments

Oct 1—Oct 31


Expand your down line with a team total of 8 new consultant enrollments in October! Earn points from processed enrollments, new consultants holding parties, and new consultants who complete Getting Started all during the month of October!

• Earn 1 point for every new enrollment in October
• Earn 1 point for new consultants that completes their first party during the challenge
• Earn 1 point for new consultants enrolled in October that host their first party in the same month*
• Earn 1 point for every new enrollment enrolled in October that completes Getting in the same month

*New consultant parties qualify if at least one order placed in October aside from the consultant is placed



Prizes are awarded to consultant accounts (one prize per account).


Meet the challenge goal and each team member will earn a FREE new mystery product!

Be the team with the highest points and earn $100 in product of your choice per team member

The top 5 teams with the most parties, Q's, and enrollments combined throughout the three months will win an all-inclusive trip to Leadership Academy.


The Victor’s Award will be presented at the end of the Thrive Games to the teams that earned a minimum of 3 medals. All winners earn a free gift!

Want to earn the Thrive Games Gold Medal prize?

Here's how you can work towards your all-inclusive trip! During the duration of the Games, you can accumulate points toward the Gold Medal prize to Leadership Academy with the following activities:


1 point for parties with $500 or more in total party sales. Only one consultant-hosted party during the Thrive Games will count towards the Gold Medal prize.

1 point for new Q's with a minimum $50 subtotal - must process

1 point for each new enrollment- must process

1 point for each new enrollment that completes their first party

Gold Medal Winners

Top 5 teams with the most points*


    • Leadership Retreat registration fee waiver ($75 savings)
    • Round trip airfare from your closest airport to Phoenix, Arizona**
    • 1 hotel room for 3 nights with one of your team members***
    • Dinner with the Executives
    • $100 shopping spree
    • Luxury spa package
    • An Exclusive Western Experience

*To receive your Gold Medal, you must also qualify for Leadership Academy. Learn more
**Airfare can also be refunded up to $400 if flight is booked independently.
***Single room option available for an additional $25 a night

Light Your Torch

During each challenge you’ll be provided with a special business booster, called a torch. These torches are designed to help you ignite a fire and earn your medals!



Party Torch

Start a blaze with the launch of Party Connect and keep your party calendar full all month long!


Q Free Shipping

New Q’s that process with $100 or more in September will receive free shipping on their order.


New Consultant Kit Discount

New consultant kit discount for new sign ups during the challenge month

Challenge Results

Team members cannot change teams or be dropped during the Thrive Games. New teams of 4 can be added at any time during Thrive Games, as long as a team member was not already participating on a previous team. Prizes will be added to the next Q shipment following the month of the completed challenge. Prizes cannot be exchanged. Only one prize per Consultant ID. No aspect of the contest can be transferred to another person. Only one medal can be earned during a challenge. A maximum of 4 medals can be earned.