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A big snow and ice storm was forecasted to hit the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Feburay 1, 2011.  The night before the big storm, my husband, Steve and I went to the grocery store to discover the store shelves were pretty much empty.  
     That is when it hit us.  If a snow storm could do this, what would happen to everyone if a catastrophic event does occur?  
     We searched for a way to become "self reliant". We discovered Shelf Reliance and THRIVE.   First we were customers.  After using, enjoying and believing in the products, we became consultants.  
      We are no longer being taken advantage of by big business grocery stores.  
      We are not being subjected to lesser quality/larger quantity food items.  Which the majority ended up in the trash.
      We can now THRIVE ON with great foods, free of chemicals, pesticides, hormones and steroids.  


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June 14, 2012
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