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I'll admit it. My first attraction to THRIVE LIFE was the long term shelf life of the food. But within a very short amount of time we realized that incorporating it into our daily meal plans made a big difference to the quality of our meals, our overall health, and the biggest surprise of all - even our grocery budget. No small thing! We found that the accessibility and convenience made it easier to eat more fruits and vegetable than we normally took the time to do. And we drastically reduced the amount of food we threw out. These were all very big bonuses. 

Although the extended shelf life may have been the initial draw, it was the nutritional quality of the foods that sold me. What kept me though, was the convenience of it. Literally how quick and easy it was to put a wholesome nutritious meal on the table. 

Lets face it, we all EAT. And we spend a lot of money in the grocery store. Did you know that over 30% of your grocery purchases are impulse buys? Things that we didn't plan to
buy, don't need and alot of the time, wish we hadn't purchased. 

The whole idea of shopping from home and having my groceries shipped right to the door was the final deal maker for me. HELLO! This has saved me tons of time at the grocery store. And tons of money, And talk about simplifying my life! 

I love sharing all this with new people. Its like rediscovering it all over again - through someone else.  

Knowing that THRIVE LIFE can help others we care about was a huge emphasis in our decision to become involved as consultants, and continues to be the strongest motivating factor. THRIVE LIFE can help you
1) eat more nutritiously,
2) save time in the kitchen,
3) eliminate most of your kitchen waste,
4) save money on your grocery budget,
5) create a Home-Store for even more convenience and peace of mind
6) accomplish your 'food-storage' goals in your effort to become self reliant

This is a wonderful thing to be part of. 

Sharing with friends: 
It seems almost too good to be true doesn't it? Yeah, I know. Well, they say that seeing is believing but in this case "Tasting" is believing. It doesn't matter how good for you a food is, if it doesn't taste good - no one's gonna eat it. There is only one way to taste the food and that is to get close to it. If you would like to learn more, or book an In-Home Tasting with your friends, lets talk. We can make that super easy.

a Delivery: 
Setting up an auto ship Delivery is EASY, and requires absolutely no commitment on your part. You can pause, skip or outright cancel your Deliveries any time you want. I know right? And in the meantime, when your order tops $100 - you get FREE Shipping. Even into Canada. That is huge! (if you live in Hawaii or Alaska you get 1/2 price shipping. 

Becoming a Consultant: 
is easy peasy to do. Simply pick out your Consultant kit, and order. We think you're gonna love sharing with the people in your area. You literally get paid to 'eat'. But, you are under no obligation to do so. There are no minimums or compulsory quotas you have to meet. At the very least you'll get a $ kick-back on your own Delivery purchases and make commission on all other purchases / sales. It really IS the best way to shop. 

THRIVE LIFE: "Helping people become more self reliant, prosperous, and charitable."








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Waste - Our Dirty Little Secret Exposed and its Solution

August 28, 2018

The average North American throws out an estimated 170-183 kilograms / that's 375-405 pounds for my American friends - of food every year. Thats each "individual". Not family or household. And that make us among The Worst Food Wasters in the world! Not something to be especially proud of is it? What happens if you have 4 people living in your home? That's an estimated 1600 pounds. Image may contain: food
I don't even know what 1600 pounds of food waste looks like, but it works out to about 25% - 40% of our grocery dollar. I have a pretty good idea what that looks like. If you've got a couple of teens in your house, you're likely spending $1000 or more a month on groceries. If we took the most conservative estimate (1/4), then we're talking about $250 a month IN THE GARBAGE! That's $3000 a year!

What could do with an extra $3000 a year? 

Now if you're like me, you're probably saying "no way!". I pride myself on being quite resourceful and while I did not doubt the stats, I was pretty certain they didn't apply to me. So I began to seriously pay attention to everything I threw in my kitchen garbage. Or compost. And it didn't take me more than a couple of weeks before I had to concede ... "well, maaaaybe, that might be me". What is the waste?

Image may contain: foodWell in my case, it was mostly produce. I was full of good intentions when I bought fruits and vegetable from the grocery store. And perhaps if I would have personally washed and cut the fruit, and maybe peeled it for them, and then FED it to them, my kids would have eaten more of it. But I don't have time for that, and they didn't always take advantage of what I was providing them "fresh". And conscientious mom that I was, I had to make sure I continued providing it. Can you say "vicious circle"? Round and around we went. More and more money in the compost. 

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Well, I was "ripe for the picking" you might say when I realized that there was absolutely zero waste involved in the new way I had begun to buy groceries. I was first attracted to THRIVE LIFE freeze dried food because of its long shelf life, but I was astounded to learn of the exceptionally high nutrition. I was even more impressed when I began using it and noticed that I was no longer throwing out as much food. That was a bonus I hadn't counted on. The nutritional value was the selling feature and the convenience of it sealed the deal, but in a very short amount of time, I realized I was in fact, saving money. When you are no longer throwing out 1/4+ of your monthly groceries, you start seeing your dollar go a lot further! And that was a happy realization. 

On a bigger scale, while it pains me to admit it, I read a recent report that says the evidence points to Canada as being among the worst on the globe for wasting food. The report released by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation — "an environmental agency set up under the North American Free Trade Agreement — found when including all stages of the food supply chain, 396 kilograms of food per capita is wasted in Canada every year. That’s compared with 415 kilograms in the United States and 249 kilograms in Mexico." I'm not sure how excited we can get about being 'better' than someone else, especially when that 'someone else' probably produces more produce than we do. So much for my wholesome Canadian pride. Sheesh! 

So, I don't pretend to have the answer to global problems, and I don't have the energy to even worry about them. But I have always been of the mind that if we each take care of our own front porch, the world will look a lot nicer. So I am gonna focus my attention on what is in my control. And what IS in my control? The waste in my own kitchen. And where I choose to spend my hard earned dollar.
And that is where I started.

Chopped Spinach - Freeze DriedDid you know that when you buy a can of THRIVE Spinach, 0% (that is a big fat ZERO) goes into the garbage? Every piece of spinach you buy gets used. By you.
Did you also know that the spinach loses all of its Vitamin C by the fourth day after harvest? I can promise you that the spinach on my grocery store shelf was not picked within the last 96 hours.
And Did you know that THRIVE spinach contains up to 6 times more Vitamin A than the spinach we buy from the produce shelf in our local grocery store? Yup. Yup and Yup. So add those facts to the fact that much of the so called 'fresh' spinach I was buying ended up in my compost pail (because you have about 4 hours before that spinach starts to go slimy on the bottom) ..... well, I dunno. Lets just say the romance of fresh spinach began to lose some of its appeal.

So continuing on with the example of Spinach - a family sized can of Thrive freeze dried spinach retails (as of August 27 2018) for $37.59 USD. Converted using a 1.3 exchange rate, that works out to $48.87 Cdn. In that family sized can is the equivilant of 11 and 1/2 bags of spinach - which cost $3.99 Image may contain: foodeach at Edmonton grocery stores. That is $48 for the (more than 4 day old which has zero vitamin C left in it) grocery store spinach or about the same amount for a can of THRIVE freeze dried spinach at regular retail price. Wait a minute! If you are a THRIVE Delivery customer, you don't pay regular retail prices. You pay wholesale prices (aprox 15% less). Which right now on Spinach is $30.09 USD for the same sized can. Multiply that by 1.3 to bring it into Canadian dollars, and it = $39.12 Cdn. Hold it! That is a significant savings from the grocery store price. Take into consideration that on average, 1/4 - 1/2 of that grocery store spinach in your fridge is not gonna make it to the table. ..... And well, we don't even need to look at that important detail to start seeing a very clear picture of why THRIVE FOODS save us so much money. 

Did you know that when a Delivery order tops $100 you get FREE Shipping? Yup. Even into Canada folks. That is a huge savings. What if Spinach was on sale in any given month? I am a sale shopper so I'm always looking for a bargain. If I got Thrive Spinach at 20% off or more during one of the frequent sales throughout the year, I would save even more. And how much of that goes into my compost pail. ZERO! It is 100% Food. In my pantry. When the can is opened, the shelf life is an expected 12-18 months depending on some variables in our kitchens. This story just keeps getting better, and better. I guess you could say its "Spinach for the Win". But remember, Spinach is just an example. We can repeat this scenario with every single food item that THRIVE LIFE has.    

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So my way of reducing waste in this country is by reducing waste in my own home. 
And since doing so, saves me a lot of money, thats a win/win situation. That's how I like things. Happy all round. 

Cindy Suelzle 
Independent THRIVE LIFE Consultant and Leader 


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